Posted by: myrmidon3 | 12/30/2008

GTS – desire a pokemon? All you need is a lv 100 Darkrai

The Global Trade Station is either filled with some truly stupid or sadistic people.  I was looking for some version exclusives and most of the trades turn out to be jokes.  People can’t possibly believe that a seel or a stunky is a fair trade for a lv. 100 manaphy or shaymin.  I understand some people might be trying to clone their pokemon and are intentional asking for an impossible trade, the amount of said trades that exists on the GTS is completely absurd.  I think the idea is very splendid, besides the fact that there is no function to trade pokemon one hasn’t seen before (which put into question how all those people first saw all those legendaries in the first place); the brilliance of the concept is defiled by the idiots and nine year olds who don’t understand the meaning of deals.



  1. For me the GTS is practically unusable. If I do manage to find a reasonable trade I have no idea what the Pokemon’s stats are or if the Pokemon is hacked because GTS wont let me see anything about it.

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