Posted by: myrmidon3 | 12/31/2008

Another bulky water: Fanservice the Vaporeon



Gender: Male

Nature: Bold (110Defense/90Attack)


HP: (30/152) Loves to eat.

Atk: (3/0)

Def: (29/252)

Sp.Def: (20/106)

Spd: (13/0)

Ability: Water Absorb

Item: Leftovers






I’m very proud of this vaporeon.  It is much more durable than Suzuna and can support a team rather effectively.  The HP EVs gives it maximum leftover recovery at level 50.  This is because I’m still new when it comes to competitive play, and the pokemon I’m breeding are more for the purpose of achieving 100 levels in the battle tower, a feat in which I am failing horribly.  My lack of competitive experience also explain the fact that I am only posting individual pokemon rather than full teams.  But I wish to post a full fledged team soon, so bear with me.


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