Posted by: myrmidon3 | 01/05/2009

First win on Shoddy

For those of you who aren’t informed.  Shoddy Battle is a pokemon battle simulator you can use to battle real people online.  Here’s a link to the official website.

Anyways, I had the program downloaded before, but I never bothered to touch it because I was lazy in building my team from the ground up.  But the lack of things to do in my current play through in Pearl prompted me to finish my team and try it out.  After two humiliating losses, I finally was able to beat someone.  Some of it was luck… well you decide. (I’m sunshinesan, scope me out on shoddy if you wish to battle 😀 )

Rules: Ladder Match, Sleep Clause, Freeze Clause, OHKO Clause, Evasion Clause, Species Clause, Strict Damage Clause
pokemon trainer sent out Omastar (lvl 100 Omastar ?).
sunshinesan sent out Starmie (lvl 100 Starmie).
Starmie used Thunderbolt.
It’s super effective!
Omastar lost 82% of its health.
Omastar used Stealth Rock.
Pointed stones float in the air around your foe’s team!
Omastar’s leftovers restored its health a little!
Omastar restored 6% of its health.

pokemon trainer switched in Mamoswine (lvl 100 Mamoswine ?).
Starmie used Surf.
It’s super effective!
Mamoswine lost 100% of its health.
pokemon trainer’s Mamoswine fainted.

pokemon trainer switched in Jumpluff (lvl 100 Jumpluff ?).
Starmie used Ice Beam.
It’s super effective!
Jumpluff lost 100% of its health.
pokemon trainer’s Jumpluff fainted.

pokemon trainer switched in Forretress (lvl 100 Forretress ?).
Starmie used Surf.
Forretress lost 71% of its health.
Forretress used Explosion.
Starmie lost 100% of its health.
Starmie hung on using its Focus Sash!
pokemon trainer’s Forretress fainted.

pokemon trainer has left the room.
sunshinesan wins!

His/her name is pokemon trainer is because I don’t wish to divulge such information without permission.  Anyways, I find Shoddy Battle to be a very entertaining and completely eliminates the hassle of finding people to battle if one were to use the real game.  Oh, and did I mention you can keep logs of the battles you wish to remember? Well, you can.


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