Posted by: myrmidon3 | 01/07/2009

I got totally dominated, no exaggeration

Most of my battles are rather close, whether it ends in defeat or victory.  But there was one particular battle yesterday that had me rendered helpless as my opponent slowly set up his team for a sweep.  The battle is way to long so I will not post the battle log, but I’ll give a synopsis.  I start with dusknoir, he starts with vaporeon.  I switch to blissey and set up stealth rock.  Vaporeon sets up a substitute and baton passes to umbreon.  Umbreon traps my blissey and the rest is history.  He then proceeded to baton pass between celebi, smeargle, and gliscor to set up calm mind, ingrain, and agility.

This battle has given me a more serious and cautious look against the likes of baton passers and trappers.


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