Posted by: myrmidon3 | 01/07/2009

Stealth rock too powerful?


My favorite IV generation move is without a doubt, stealth rock, and I’m pretty sure most would also agree.  It only takes one turn to set up and does wonders as long as your opponent does not spin them away.  It causes 12% damage to those switching in with a neutral typing to rock type moves, 25% damage to those weak to rock type moves, and a massive 50% damage those who are quad weak to rock type moves, meaning, some pokemon may be finished before they even begin if stealth rock is in play.  There’s nothing more enjoyable than watching my opponents healthy charizard switching into a face full of rock shards, but there’s also a problem with that.  Until there’s variants of stealth rock in every typing, certain pokemon just simply get the short end of the stick.  Many respectable pokemon in stats and movepool have had their usefulness completely destroyed just because of their typing.

Solutions to this problem might be to increase the amount of usage of the move to have it reach its full potential, limit the amount of pokemon able to learn stealth rock, lessen the damage taken from stealth rock, or nullify its effects on pokemon of certain types (similar to how spikes don’t affect flying types or how toxic spikes are absorbed by poison types) in future generations.


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